Southern Cemetery Walking Tours

As part of the ‘Encountering Corpses‘ event convened by Dr Craig Young (Human Geography) and Helen Malarky (IHSSR Project Manager and Humanities in Public Creative Programme Co-ordinator), the Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research invited their guests to make an encounter with Manchester’s most famous burial site.

southern cem 3

Expert guide Emma Fox from Manchester Guided Tours offered three special tours of this fantastic environment:

Wednesday 26th March 2014

9am-11am: Manchester Pop Culture

Manchester has a fine history of providing superlative music and footballing legends to the world. Several of these stories reached their mortal end in the serene environs of The Southern Cemetery. As Morrissey sang ‘meet me at the Cemetery gates’ to seek out the iconoclasts (and some unsung heroes, too) and pay due homage.

Thursday 27th March 2014

9am – 11am: Ghosts of Cottonopolis: Manchester’s Industrial Dead

From the slums and the mills to the houses on the hills, Manchester’s rise to Victorian eminence was paved, like all great roads, on the death and suffering of its citizens. Find out why the graves of some illustrious names have fallen into disrepair and wonder at the glory of the saviour of ice cream and the humble cross that marks Trafford’s most famous son.

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Thursday 27th March 2014

12 noon -2pm: The unsung heroes of Southern Cemetery

Through two World Wars and innumerable conflicts, Manchester has sent her children to die in battle. Many are commemorated here, but there are other stories too, of civilian casualties, and great fortitude in peacetime and in civil service. Emma Fox shared her years of knowledge of the lesser-known stories of bravery that wreath the graves south of the city.