Encountering Corpses III art and sound installation update

A bit more detail on the Saturday afternoon of the event is now on the programme:

13.30ish – 18.00ish

An afternoon of Encountering the Dead in All Saints/Grosvenor Park:

All Saints Park or Grosvenor Park/Square, located on MMU All Saints campus next to the conference venue, is a former church graveyard which still contains many bodies. This afternoon event will include an art installation in the park with a marquee and an online sound installation which will immerse the listener in the presence of the dead bodies under the park. The marquee will also contain texts about ‘encountering’ the dead bodies  here.

Themes will include memorialisation (who gets remembered, who gets forgotten, why?); grievability; civic commemoration; removal of monuments; class considerations in death and remembrance; Manchester history; death acceptance; cleansing of urban space; historical layering  and psychogeography.

The sound installation will be a new sound recording by artist Debbie Sharp, who has worked extensively on death: http://debbie-sharp.com/withinmemoriam

First, the various academics and artists involved in the project will talk about their experiences of interacting with the dead and developing the texts and artworks:

Michala Hulme, Lecturer in History at MMU and part of the Manchester Centre for Public History (MCPH) who has investigated the site and has the death records of those interred;

Dr Sam Edwards, History at MMU and Director of MCPH will talk about memory at the site;

Debbie Sharp will talk about her sound installation;

Dr Ian Drew, School of Science and Environment at MMU, will discuss radar scanning of the park.

Then, the conference will move into the park itself, to interact with texts and the art and sound installations – more details to follow!

Finally, we will return to the conference venue to discuss the afternoon and conclude events.


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